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Welcome to Scrap*Funattic

Welcome to Scrap*Funattic

Welcome to Scrap*FunatticWelcome to Scrap*FunatticWelcome to Scrap*Funattic

Services Offered


Private Crops

This is a great alternative to having “girls night out”, baby showers, birthday parties, crop night, and so much more!  It’s a great way to have your closest friends get together and have a scrapbook store right at their fingertips!  You can bring your own food, beverages and decorations if you please!  

*Min. down payment of $50.00 

scrapbook for hire - albums

We know that there are MANY of you out there that WANT to preserve those memories for your children, parents, grandchildren, family, etc - but just DO NOT HAVE THE TIME or the PATIENCE to put together a good looking, quality scrapbook.  So, we're here for YOU!!  

We have a talented staff of designers that would LOVE to help you!! If you think you're ready to trust us to complete YOUR scrapbook, get your photos organized and give us a call!!  We'll set you up an appointment with Steffanie or Renee, and she'll sit down with you and get to know you and find out what YOU have in mind for YOUR book!!  You could call it an interview, if you will!!  We do our very best to get to know what your style is, and exactly what it is that you're wanting to showcase in your album!! We ask that if you don't already have an album of your own, that you do purchase it from Scrap*Funattic - that way making it easier for us to know what size your album is, what size of protectors that we will need to complete your album, etc.  You make the decision as to how many pages you'd like for us to complete, and how many photos you'd like to have on each page.  Would you like for them to be lightly or more embellished?  

Based on those decisions, we ask that you make a deposit so that we can get started!! If you have chosen to have your pages lightly embellished, a deposit of $120.00 is required at this time. If you have chosen the more embellished option, a deposit of $150.00 is required. This deposit will allow us to finish 10 pages for you. We will call you at that time and have you come see the finished product before we proceed!!  If you'd like to have us work on more pages for you at that time, we will do the same as before!  At that time, a deposit on the next 10 pages will be required.  

Once you are satisfied and the album is complete - we will assemble the album for you - and you will have a beautiful custom-made Scrapbook album complete!! 

If you have further questions you can email us at scrapfunatticks@gmail.com or give us a call!!  316-733-0029


We have a spacious crop room, stocked with lots of awesome tools and accessories at your disposal!  If you’d like to come in and work on your projects, we invite you to come hang out with us!! $5.00 is the fee if you’d like to use any of our crop room tools (Big Shot, Punches, Stamps, Circle Cutter, Scissors, Heat Tool, Crop*a*Dile and lots more!)  If you prefer not to use any of our tools, just to come and utilize the tables and space – there’s no charge!!  Double check our Event Calendar to make sure that there’s nothing goin’ on in the crop room for that day – before you head over!!  Very rarely is our crop room closed, but occasionally we do have to close it down!

Custom senior boards & albums

May will be here before we know it - and YOU will be scrambling to create the PERFECT Graduation Board / Display /Centerpiece/Memory Piece!!  You'll be running around like a chicken with your head cut off....unable to focus on anything BUT this project - deer in the headlights all the way!!  You'll "throw" something together - wishing all the while that you would have listened to your great, creative friends over at Scrap*Funattic and got your STUFF together a long time ago!!!  

You'll wish you had more TIME to create the PERFECT memory board for your graduate. . . . you'll wish you had MORE time to recall the memories of each photo chosen - you'll wish you had MORE TIME to put more thought into the MOST IMPORTANT photos and moments over the last several years - to include in this Memory Board!!!  Then Graduation will come.....and Go, and you'll be SO BUSY worrying about all the tiny little details that you won't even REMEMBER graduation day!!! 


We're tellin' ya - over and over and OVER again - we see it happen!!!  TRUST US with this project!!!  We can and WILL make this (little piece of the graduation experience) as meaningful to YOU and YOUR GRADUATE as you would if you'd created it yourself!!  This will allow you to relax (a little!) and rest assure that THIS part is taken care of!!  (think of it as ordering the cake for the event!) We work our magic each Graduation Season!!   Every year we seem to get more and more business!!  So we urge you to get your order placed as early as possible...the longer you wait - the more expensive it becomes!  We have several different "Options" for our Graduation Projects.  We work very closely with you on this project - whether you're wanting scrapbook pages made to display or graduation gifts to give your graduates' fellow classmates - we are HERE to HELP!!! Don't wait another DAY!!  

Call or email us for a time to come by and visit with one of us!!  Trust "US" we KNOW the stress that graduation can bring  and we KNOW how important it is for everything to be just "right"!!  We want YOU to be able to sit back and really enjoy that special day!!    

316-733-0029 or  scrapfunatticks@gmail.com 


We also make other Custom Boards, such as Retirement, Memorial, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, etc! 

Copy & scanning services

We offer several different types of copy services!!  Whether you’re wanting basic black & white OR color copies for your baseball team, making copies for your Christmas Cards, family reunion or school project – we can handle those!!  

We also offer color copy services of your Scrapbook Pages too!  We often get asked the question, “why would anyone copy their scrapbook pages?”  Well, let us give you a couple of examples:  
*If you’re creating a family recipe album for a gift!  The price to duplicate an album can be pretty expensive!  So, we scan your originals and can copy them in what ever size you like!!   

*If you have more than one child that you scrapbook for.  Sometimes it’s easier to copy a completed page than it is to design additional pages for your other albums!  (not to mention it’s less expensive!) 

*Copied pages make great gifts for Grandparents!!  (and it’s a lot less work for you!)   

*We can scan/copy your certificates, newspaper articles, awards, memorabilia, etc. for your albums!  We can resize them to any size!                          

*Depending on the amount of pages you have to be copied, we ask that you leave your pages and give us at least a 24 hour turn around time.  When it comes to general 8.5x11 b&w and color copies, those can usually be done while you wait!  For the more detailed copies, such as scrapbook layouts; those are scanned and edited for color and cropping.  So there is a lot more time that goes into making those as close to the real thing as possible!  



8.5 x 11  B&W  $.09

8.5 x 11  Color  $.39


8.5 x 11  $1.79 (1-20)

8.5 x 11  $1.25 (21-up)

12 x 12  $1.99 (1-20)

12 x 12  $1.79 (21-up)